Writing :
Write about a happy or an unhappy event.

Life is full of good and bad events. As far as I am concerned, I had a terrible experience that I still remember and I always tell my friends about it.
It was a Sunday evening when my family decided to visit my aunt. I refused to go with them because I had some homework to do. After doing my homework, I made a pizza, ate it and started revising my lessons. Suddenly, I heard a noise at the door. It seemed that somebody was trying to open the door. The door was forced open. I hid under the bed and I phoned my father, using my mobile phone. The burglars took what they could carry but my father came with the police who arrested them.
The surprise was that the burglars were actually our neighbours who thought that no one was in the house. My family gave me due respect because I saved a lot of their things. I’m still proud of what I did.
(By Rachadi Karima, 2bac 2)